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Utah mountain skyline sunset view framed through the trees

Yama Guide // Gabriella S

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Hi there, I'm Gabriella! I am currently a senior at the University of Utah studying operations/supply chain AND parks/recreation/tourism. I am originally from the outskirts of Buffalo, New York, but this is my fourth year living in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Experience and Leadership:

I have previously worked as a Forestry Recreation Technician (Forest Ranger) in Umpqua National Forest, Oregon. I also have worked as a ski instructor/racing coach for four years at a public resort in western New York. In addition to my outdoors-specific career, I am a co-founder of the Women's Outdoor Leadership Initiative (WOLI), a 700+-member student organization at the University of Utah, where we have created a community to empower women and build up the confidence to get more involved in the outdoor industry.


Skills and Interests:

I got into canyoneering during my freshman year of college (three years ago). I have completed the entirety of the canyoneering program they offer here at my university, and I look forward to going back to become a Teacher's Assistant for its upcoming classes in future semesters. Canyoneering has become one of my favorite activities and I have felt a warm welcome into the community as I advance my skillset each time I go out. I am excited for the opportunity to pass my knowledge forward to new people, thanks to Yama Experiences.


In addition:

I am also a skier come winter-time, and that has been my long-time sport. I also climb, hike, camp, and mountain/road bike on occasion, as well! You will most likely find me doing something outside in my spare time. :)

Yama Experiences

Man repelling down canyon
canyon landscape with tree to the left

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Rappel a waterfall

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