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Person canoeing (view of them using paddle from the back)

Get ready to create a Yama Experience!

Create an Experience

What does it take copy

What does a Yama experience look like?


A Worthy Experience

This could be anything that you're passionate about! Be excited about what you will offer to people. That's the most important aspect for a successful experience. There may be more demand for your experience than you think!


To be a better host, you may have to hone your experience over time. This process may take time. Adding opportunities for experiencers to take photos or videos and providing water or other beverages are great tips to think about while creating your experience. 

You can find more experience tips below!


A Comfortable Experience

Keep the experience within your comfort zone to keep it safe for the Experiencer. Make sure you know how the entire experience will play out so there are no surprises that may result in an accident.


A Well Documented Experience

Make sure that you can supply photos and videos of your experience. This will help us make sure that your experience is real. Not only that, Experiencers need to see what they are signing up for!


A Respectful Experience

It is imperative that Yama Experience Hosts are respectful at all times.


  • Be respectful of every guest regardless of their ability level, age, sex, race, etc…

  • Do not start any arguments with guests regarding politics or other hot topics.

Here's how to improve your experience.

The better, more accurate, and interesting the videos and photos you provide, the more likely someone will take a chance on your experience!

Use the title and description to your advantage! This will be the first thing that an Experiencer will see. The hook is very important to bring users to your Experience page.

Being completely transparent with what is included in the experience is also a great way to build trust with a potential Experiencer.

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