Yama Connects You to Experiences

What is Yama?

Yama is a website where you can find a community of people who share an affinity for experiencing life. Yama simply acts as the facilitator connecting you to the community of talented experience hosts who can each share their unique experience with you. The only thing left for you to do is pick an experience on Yama and go!

Our Mission

Enabling people to experience life is our mission. Too many times we have heard of people saying that they want to try a new hobby or activity but do not have the means to try it due to financial, social, or even societal limitations. We hope to expand and offer a wider variety of experiences so that our customers have more opportunities to find something they love. 

Safety First

Our Yama guides are properly vetted and we ensure that Yama Experience Hosts are qualified for the experiences they provide.

Yama Experience Gallery