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Become a Yama Guide

Step  1.   Learn what a YAMA Guide is and our expectations
Step 2.   Let us learn more about you and your experiences
Step 3.   Background Check + Submit for review
Step 4.   If accepted, start creating your guided experiences


What does it take to be a Yama Guide?


A Worthy Experience

This could be anything that you're passionate about! Be excited about what you will offer to people. That's the most important aspect for a successful experience. There may be more demand for your experience than you think!



If necessary, all prospective Yama Experience Guides are vetted by our team for certifications in their respective experience as well as any other key safety requirement.


Background Check

All Yama Experience Guides must undergo a background check to give our customers the peace of mind necessary to enjoy life without fear. 


(Once your application is accepted and assuming all parties involved want to proceed, a $7.00 charge is incurred on the Experience Guide’s end for the background check)


Professionalism & Excitement to share

Professionalism: it is imperative that Yama Experience Guides are respectful at all times and abide by our code of conduct.

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Why should you become a Yama Experience Guide?

Yama Logo (concentric circles)

Set your own availability

You set the date and time that you want to offer your experience. No minimums, no maximums, host when you want.

Set your own prices

You set the price that you deem fit for the value you create through your experience. We take an industry standard 20%* of the experience price that you set.  (*to cover our costs)

Benefit from every action that Yama takes

We succeed when you do. Therefore, we work to ensure your success. We take care of the business stuff so that you can focus on offering the best version of your experience.

Create your own experience

Unlike other decentralized business models, Yama does not require that you follow a list of business procedures. Each Yama Experience Host acts independently of Yama besides following the requirements to exist on our platform. You have creative freedom here at Yama. We may recommend ways to improve your experience, but it is ultimately up to you what your experience entails. 

Meet new people

The people who book your experience could be more than a guest. We ask that you keep it cordial during the experience, of course, however, friendships and new connection with likeminded people could easily be made.

Join the Yama community

Become part of the ever-growing Yama community which is proud to show its love for new experiences, exploration, and adventure. Eventually, we hope to add more methods of connecting with other guides through Yama functions and events.

Empowerment to experience life

Many people would love to try certain activities, but do not know the right people or have the means to try it. You, the Yama Guide, can be the connection. Creating alternative means to an experience may give someone the accessibility to . That effect on someone's life is something that is truly special. (you usually have to have a kid to get that kind of impact)

Have a hobby you'd like to share?

Your passion for pottery, yoga, or sour dough bread making is a great place to start your journey as a Yama Guide. 

Apply to become a Yama Guide!

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