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Snowy Mountain view wide angle with wheat in foreground

Yama Guide // Blake D

Blake D (Yama Guide) Smiling in profile picture


I grew up in Park City, Utah and know the history and ins and outs of Salt Lake City and Utah. I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast, spent 15 years in the service industry learning hospitality for all types of people. I run Sunnyside Expeditions, an International Touring Company hosting 10-14 day experiences with Indigenous Cultures, Backcountry Experiences and Sacred Medicines. I'm a professional Tour Guide. The previous 10 years I built an International Company hosting workshops and thousands of people throughout Europe, Australia, Costa Rica and the United States. Always open to questions. So excited to explore with you.

Yama Experiences

Buffalo roaming in open field with mountains in background
Two friends looking out at open field with buffalos and mountains
Group of 5 people and dog walking in wheat field towards mountains

Many people come to Utah to experience the vast deserts, serene beauty and epic landscapes. But few know that you can experience this so close to downtown Salt Lake City. Along the way we spot wildlife, with a wild herd of 1,000 American Bison roaming the island.

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