Yama Guide // Blake D

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I am a young transplant from Central New Hampshire now living in Salt Lake City after graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training. I am a passionate skier and seeker of thrill within each season our world has to offer. The exceptional healthcare program at the University of Utah, unfathomable winter season accessibility, and exciting new sights were three of my greatest motivators to attend school at The U. Through my education at the U of U, I was able to explore countless times the local mountains and canyons of Salt Lake City. I have also found touch with a side of myself that enjoys being able to share and curate memorable experiences with others. I have begun to pursue the road of becoming a seasoned and experienced tour and mountain guide. Being able to share experiences in the palms of nature with others who are close to me or newly met remains to be some of my fondest memories.

Yama Experiences


Many people come to Utah to experience the vast deserts, serene beauty and epic landscapes. But few know that you can experience this so close to downtown Salt Lake City. Along the way we spot wildlife, with a wild herd of 1,000 American Bison roaming the island.