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Become a Guide Application



We are looking for a YAMA Guide who is comfortable, charismatic, and experienced in communicating instructions and their unique experience. The YAMA Guide will host experiences ranging from an online platform to in-person location with one or many of YAMA Experiencers attending. You will be responsible for guiding these Experiencers through your posted experience. Your passion is key. We are here to make the process easy and efficient for you to reach an excited audience of YAMA Experiencers ready to participate in your experience!

Are you comfortable guiding an individual or group of people through a unique experience?

Are you comfortable and experienced communicating to others about instructions and knowledge about your YAMA Experience?

Do you get along with others well?



Basic Information

Describe what experiences(s) you would like to put onto Yama.



Terms of Service



Background Check

Many of the Experiencers will prioritize their safety, so it will be advantageous, and necessary, to have a background check. By checking the box below, you agree to be background checked.  After we complete the background check, we will unlock the 'Create an Experience' form.

($7.00 invoice will be sent after submission of 'Become a Guide' application)

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